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The HEFMA Pulse is the official magazine for HEFMA.

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March/April 2021

• The Road Ahead ...
• 'It's Good to Talk'
• Monitor it to Manage it
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The HEFMA Pulse is the official magazine for HEFMA.

Published bi-monthly, it is the only magazine solely dedicated to estates and facilities across NHS England and provides authoritative editorial on the most complex issues that surround the modern NHS.

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May 05, 2021 TWITTER
HEFMAUK 1389869221039988743 HEFMA https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/825018976237395968/7QYr30M3_normal.jpg 05:May:2021 09:06:59 One week to go to our webinar 'Developing the Healthcare EFM Workforce - A Partnership Approach' to launch HEFMA and IHEEM's joint workforce strategy #EFMworkforce @IHEEM @EstatesNhs - more info and registration links here https://t.co/18h8wdv8kW https://t.co/H8Uxa0GOsr
May 04, 2021 TWITTER
HEFMAUK 1389497306320445441 HEFMA https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/825018976237395968/7QYr30M3_normal.jpg 04:May:2021 08:29:08 Health Secretary calls for action on antimicrobial resistance, calling it "the silent pandemic" that could wipe out modern medicine as we know it https://t.co/IoIR7jMrmt https://t.co/K9VGLsRG11
Apr 30, 2021 TWITTER
HEFMAUK 1388093710315950080 HEFMA https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/825018976237395968/7QYr30M3_normal.jpg 30:Apr:2021 11:31:44 Hospital caterers across the country are urged to get behind the recommendations of the Hospital Food Review to make a difference @thechefsforum @RATIONAL_AG #NHSFoodReview2020 "We really need to get this right" Prue Leith tells seminar delegates https://t.co/e1YUF2cuhh https://t.co/SaZgkL6Obt