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The HEFMA Pulse is the official magazine for HEFMA.

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Jan/Feb 2021

• Climate Emergency = Health Emergency
• A Christmas Carol
• Powerful Platform
• Healthcare Security during a Pandemic

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The HEFMA Pulse is the official magazine for HEFMA.

Published bi-monthly, it is the only magazine solely dedicated to estates and facilities across NHS England and provides authoritative editorial on the most complex issues that surround the modern NHS.

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Jan 21, 2021 TWITTER
HEFMAUK 1352211560299692032 HEFMA https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/825018976237395968/7QYr30M3_normal.jpg 21:Jan:2021 11:08:53 Interesting webinar from NHS Sustainability Partnerships @dayforaction #NHSStustainability covering issues around Net Zero targets faced by E&F across the NHS - series of features in our Pulse Magazine this year will go into more detail - read the first https://t.co/OdgoivyDZg
Jan 21, 2021 TWITTER
HEFMAUK 1352173768144089088 HEFMA https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/825018976237395968/7QYr30M3_normal.jpg 21:Jan:2021 08:38:43 GMB Union claims the NHS is no longer a living wage employer as thousands of staff on Agenda for Change have seen their wages devalue by between 13% and 17% in the last ten years - calls for 15% or £2 per hour increase to be awarded by Pay Review Body https://t.co/P4wyYhupzd https://t.co/sgzpCkc2ny
Jan 20, 2021 TWITTER
HEFMAUK 1351853847661207552 HEFMA https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/825018976237395968/7QYr30M3_normal.jpg 20:Jan:2021 11:27:28 The digital edition of the Jan/Feb issue of the HEFMA Pulse magazine is now available for viewing https://t.co/nWEOjxHpXP https://t.co/2kNsMSX9V5