Sponsored places on MyMynd's Mental Health and Wellbeing Platform


At October’s Virtual Series event focusing on the Workforce, Henry Majed, Co-founder of MyMynd talked about mental health and wellbeing in the new work environment. 

HEFMA has partnered with MyMynd to offer its members access to the MyMynd Mental Health and Wellbeing Platform and suite of dedicated resources. HEFMA has agreed to sponsor up to 250 places for teams from any member organisation. 

Please watch the video below and then go to the My Region page of this website to register your interest and for more information (you must be logged-in).

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HEFMAUK 1528692502491979776 HEFMA https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/825018976237395968/7QYr30M3_normal.jpg 23:May:2022 11:01:08 Common seasonal allergies, such as hay fever, have very similar symptoms to the latest Omicron variants - caution is being urged to ensure they are not mistaken https://t.co/V9IqjCSLyf https://t.co/OdGNydi3sA
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HEFMAUK 1528690105711468544 HEFMA https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/825018976237395968/7QYr30M3_normal.jpg 23:May:2022 10:51:37 All presentation slides from the 2022 HEFMA Forum #HEFMAForum22 are now available for all members to view in the My Region section of the website - https://t.co/MATN9tmHSW - you must be logged in - look out for a full report in the July/August issue of Pulse
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