Northern & Yorkshire Branch Meeting

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Date26th May 2022
End Date26th May 2022
Region Northern and Yorkshire
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    Aug 10, 2022 TWITTER
    HEFMAUK 1557363970142519296 HEFMA 10:Aug:2022 13:51:19 NHS staff commended for reaching the first milestone in the Elective Recovery Plan - to eliminate two-year waits by the end of July - but still faces some "very serious challenges" ahead of winter
    Aug 10, 2022 TWITTER
    Aug 09, 2022 TWITTER
    HEFMAUK 1556954127879512064 HEFMA 09:Aug:2022 10:42:45 New study from the TSA and De Montfort University Leicester results in a protocol that is being proposed for adoption by laundries cleaning textiles for healthcare sector to ensure bacteria and viruses are killed