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Nov 30, 2021 TWITTER
HEFMAUK 1465645000621019138 HEFMA 30:Nov:2021 11:32:53 Lords Committee has criticised the DHSC's plans for mandatory vaccination for NHS staff in 'face to face' roles, including lack of clarity over key expressions -which could mean E&F workers are included - and the impact of potential loss of staff
Nov 29, 2021 TWITTER
HEFMAUK 1465347728272240646 HEFMA 29:Nov:2021 15:51:37 Latest update from NHSE/I Estates and Facilities Team @EstatesNhs including E&F Spotlight Day, the NHS Ambassador Programme and a webinar on Air Cleaning Technology to minimise the risk of SARS Cov-2 airborne transmission in healthcare buildings
Nov 23, 2021 TWITTER
HEFMAUK 1463092512059543554 HEFMA 23:Nov:2021 10:30:12 NHS Confederation poll shows healthcare leaders worry the NHS has reached a tipping point