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Under Starters Orders

The theme for the 2019 HEFMA Leadership Forum has been announced as ‘Under Starters Orders: Future Models of Service Delivery’. 


This is a highly topical theme that promises to provide insight around the many new models of care that are emerging as the NHS rises to the challenge of changing how and where it delivers patient services.


Speaking at the HEFMA 2018 Forum, Simon Corben, Director and Operational Lead, Estates & Facilities, NHS Improvement, urged delegates to use the STPs to bring some ambition back into the system, to think on a bigger scale about plans for the future of their organisations and their estates strategy. He said: "We are having a lot of discussions around infrastructure at the moment. It's really important that we're on the front food and deliver ambitious plans. It's important that we challenge the status quo."


New models of care include accountable care systems, strategic estates partnerships and the wholly owned subsidiary, as well as the role of the private sector and outsourcing, which has been thrown under the spotlight since the collapse of Carillion. Simon Corben advised HEFMA delegates at the Forum that NHS Improvement is closely tracking the 14 main suppliers of FM services to the NHS and he will continue to receive regular reports on the contracts they've won and the pricing. "We need to work more closely with them to make sure the NHS gets what it needs," he said.


As the NHS changes and these new models of care emerge and become established, everyone working within the system will face new challenges around their roles and responsibilities. Service providers will therefore need to look not just at the model they are moving towards but the skill set their chosen model will require from staff. 


Interesting and challenging times lie ahead. As the Forum theme suggests, the NHS is already in the stalls and 'Under Starters Orders'. There is no going back. The only way is forwards. It is up to today's healthcare professionals to design the 'Future Models of Service Delivery' that will see the NHS continue to deliver patient care for the next 70 years. 



The 2019 Forum will take place at Doncaster Racecourse from May 16-17, 2019. Please make sure the date is in your diary and we will bring you more details when they are available.