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Welsh poll says ‘stop NHS cuts’

A poll conducted by market research agency rmg:Clarity on behalf of Wales on Sunday has revealed that respondents would like to see the NHS protected from cuts. When asked to name the three areas which should be affected least, the health service came out on top at 71.7%, with care for disabled and older people in second on 69.6%. Child protection and schools lagged behind in third and fourth place, on 43.9% and 37.1% respectively.


[quote top=The Conservatives’ Shadow Minister for Health and Social Services, Andrew RT Davies, said:] This poll shows three in four people support the Welsh Conservatives’ commitment to protect health spending from Assembly Government cuts. This poll is a timely reminder to Labour-Plaid Ministers that the Welsh public will not support their cuts of £435m to the Welsh NHS.[/quote]


Dr Richard Lewis, the Welsh Secretary of the British Medical Association, added: “We recognise that healthcare is clearly important in the current financial climate and doctors will strive to do their best within the resources available. But we must also take into account the causes of ill health: bad housing, poor educational attainment, lack of job opportunities. They all contribute to and are related to ill health which the NHS must then treat.Therefore, we cannot afford to treat sickness without putting right the causes of that ill health. All government departments have a key role to play, from skills and lifelong learning to housing, from sport and recreation to economic development.”


At the other end of the poll, when asked which areas should receive the most cuts, the arts fared worst at 60.3%, followed by sport (33.5%), environmental schemes (22.3%) and street cleaning and waste disposal (17.9%).