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Uproar over call to ‘export’ NHS

Calls from Government ministers to help hospitals to launch fee-paying branches overseas have been described by Labour as "rampant commercialisation" of the Health Service, but the party’s criticism has resulted in a scathing lash back, the Independent reports.

The daily said that it has emerged that Gordon Brown's government tried to set up a profit-making arm called NHS Global to "maximise its international potential… and bring benefits back to the UK taxpayer". However, it failed to take off and was quietly scrapped.

This had led to the Government slamming Labour for "campaigning against his own policy".

The Patients' Association is concerned that selling NHS services abroad could be a "distraction" at a time of upheaval in the health service at home, but Tim Smart, the chief executive of King's College Hospital and a member of the network that represents NHS Foundation Trusts, said that it could provide valuable income at a time when central budgets are being constrained.