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Updates and case studies from SHAPE

Recent updates from SHAPE (Strategic Health Asset Planning and Evaluation) have revealed new Accident and Emergency data has been received from the NHS Information Centre. The data, for 2007/8 and 2008/9, will be assessed from a quality perspective with the intention of developing useful analyses and indicators to support the commissioning of urgent care. Once a viable approach has been developed it will also be applied to 2009/10 A&E data extracts.



User-informed improvements

One of the most common concerns raised in user feedback is that clinical data sets are up to 18 months old by the time that they are incorporated into SHAPE. To address this particular problem SHAPE intends to obtain the HES data set on a quarterly basis with effect from December 2010. After data validation and processing it is anticipated that data from the first quarter of 2010/11 will be available on the SHAPE site by early 2011, and that second quarter data will follow within a couple of months. Subsequently data should be available within six months of the period concerned.


Although this approach will provide access to more up to date data it is likely that data quality will not be as robust as the fully validated annual data, and SHAPE will continue to import the annual data sets as and when they become available.



Case Study Material

Case study material is being gathered to raise awareness of the variety of uses that the SHAPE application can be put to. The SHAPE team are approaching specific individuals to document how SHAPE is used to support public health initiatives, estates planning and strategy work, and to support QIPP.