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Taxpayers oppose NHS cuts

An opinion poll released today by ComRes on behalf of the Local Government Association (LGA) has revealed that the British public opposes cuts to the NHS. Published to coincide with the LGA Group’s annual conference in Bournemouth, the survey reveals that, when asked which services the respondees wanted to be protected from cuts, ‘doctors, nurses and other hospital staff’ was the most popular choice at 56%. To put this into persepective, the police came second with 35%, while schools were third with 29%.


[pie]Doctors, nurses and other hospital staff are also regarded as being the third most important frontline service (80%), behind the fire service (81%) and the police (84%).[/pie]

NHS managers, however, did not fare so well, topping the poll for the area which should be cut to save public money with 69%, ahead of
quangos (57%) 
and overseas aid (49%).

The LGA’s chairman, Dame Margaret Eaton, commented: “Councils provide vital frontline services upon which millions of people rely. Ministers need to recognise that when detailed decisions on spending are made in the autumn. It is clear that the public want to see important frontline services protected.

“Councils are in the vanguard of reforming the public sector and will work with the government to ensure that savings will be made by pruning out the maze of quangos, middlemen, bureaucratic funding streams and audit arrangements, rather than salami slicing services that the most vulnerable people depend on.”