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SPONSORED STORY: Ocura - going strong for over four decades, but what makes us different?

Over the last 40 years, we’ve worked in partnership with the NHS and private hospitals helping to support their staff and make sure patients and their families are comfortable and cared for during their time in hospital. We use our years of experience, knowledge and expertise to help transform healthcare environments.


It’s that experience that makes us unique and helps us stand out from our competitors in our market place. With every telephone conversation and face-to-face meeting, we show a level of compassion that is instilled throughout the company which is brought around from the stories we tell on a personal level and shared amongst the team. 


We know that our products are the unsung heroes behind every conversation and we simply don’t think of them as just a chair or a table, but as a support system that helps everyone from the nurse to the patient and their families. This gives us a unique and almost holistic insight to making the right choice from our product range for every possibility.


With this understanding we can change people’s lives, maybe in the smallest of ways and therefore we see our products as the heart of Ocura along with the dedicated caring staff we have. 


We care - we are Ocura.


“Our purpose is to listen, understand and collaborate with caring staff to transform healthcare environments, so they can improve the outcome for patients and make a difference to their lives and those of their families.”