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Sodexo launches new website

Sodexo, the leading provider of on site service solutions, has relaunched its Healthwise website, an interactive online hub dedicated to providing information about healthy living.


The relaunch has been timed to coincide with the 2010 anniversary celebrations, marking 25 years since the introduction of Healthwise to staff, clients and customers as one of the industry’s very first nutrition, wellbeing and lifestyle philosophies.


The programme was embedded across all of Sodexo’s business areas in 1985  and has since [quote bottom=a spokesperson said] become central to Sodexo’s approach to procurement, its kitchen practices, and its menu planning. It has been continually developed and updated since in order to embrace the latest approaches to nutrition and wellbeing. [/quote]

The website now includes a new interactive tool, the Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator, which allows users to find out their ideal weight for your height. The site’s functions have also apparently been redesigned to be more user friendly and easier to navigate.