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Senior Managers Face the Axe

The Scottish Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon has pledged to cut the number of senior NHS managers in Scotland by one-quarter over the next four years.


Sturgeon was speaking to the SNP conference when she warned more than 300 of the 1,240 highest-earning NHS white collar posts in Scotland will go if the SNP return to power next year.



She told delegate the reduction in the number of bureaucrats earning between £50,000 and £160,000 would save £25 million in 2011/12 resulting in a total saving of around £70 million over the next parliamentary term.


The SNP calculate that most of the posts can be shed through "natural wastage" and has promised that there will be no compulsory redundancies.  The new policy, which has been forced on the SNP by the economic crisis is part of a plan to save £40 million in non-clinical areas of the NHS in the first year of a new parliament.


Over the four years of the next term that annual saving is expected to rise, reaching £100 million in the fourth and final year.


[quote top=Sturgeon said:]Over the lifetime of the next parliament, health boards will be expected to cut the number of senior managers by 25 per cent.


Not because we don't value the work that managers do, but because when budgets are tight we must spend every penny that we possibly can directly on patient care. That saving, together with other non-clinical efficiency savings, will release more than £100 million a year - money that will help to protect services, ensure the highest quality of patient care and protect the fundamental values of our NHS.[/quote]