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Seminar targets digital health

Award-winning app development agency, Appitized Health, has hosted an informative seminar for healthcare professionals and those interested in mobile technology for the health industry. The event focused on how mobile technology can improve patient care, and featured an exclusive talk from the Clinical Director of Innovation at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Iain Hennessey. 

The seminar was a chance for attendees to gain an insight in the digital health industry and to network with other professionals from the same industry. Phil Coffin, Head of Creative Strategy at Appitized Health, was also a speaker at the event. He explained the various medical apps that could benefit the health industry, including: lifestyle and wellbeing, diagnostic systems, medication reminders, remote monitoring, health record and fitness tracking. He also stressed the importance user experience (UX) when developing an app: “It is important to consider who the users of your app are,” he stated, when explaining the processes of developing a user-friendly mobile app. iBeacons were also explained at the event, and how they have the potential to deliver content to staff, patients or visitors when used correctly.

Iain Hennessey’s in-depth talk outlined the state-of-the-art facilities at the new Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. The design of the new medical facility was inspired by children and some of the remarkable features include an outdoor play deck, fish tanks on each ward, a giant indoor tree house, a relaxation garden and interactive screens in patient waiting areas. 

The role of Clinical Director of Innovation involves the co-creation and exploitation of medical technology in partnership with academia, industry and clinicians. Hennessey highlighted several of the amazing new developments at Alder Hey, from working with theme parks and providing more interactive experiences for child patients, to the recently built Innovation Hub. 

All of these new facilities are fantastic examples of how an established medical facility such as Alder Hey, can now be at the forefront of innovation in patient care; Appitized Health is deeply committed to creating major efficiencies and improving patient care through mobile technology. The app development company brings together other like-minded healthcare professionals to promote the successes in advancing healthcare through digital technology.