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Secure paperless document delivery to speed up implementation of Accessible Information Standard

Hybrid mail company CFH Docmail has launched the latest software release of Dotpost, its secure online document delivery and depository portal, which includes modifications designed to help organisations providing NHS or adult social care to meet the Accessible Information Standard.

The service, which is free to patients, allows organisations to send confidential documents to their patients securely direct to their Dotpost account. Patients can then elect to receive documents via conventional post, large print or electronically.

Managing Director Dave Broadway says: “This represents a further initiative as part of our commitment to helping our 3,000 GP and NHS customers to communicate with their patient clients as efficiently and cost effectively as possible and to achieve their targets.

“One of the key requirements of the Accessible Information Standard is the ability to provide information by email. However email content is not encrypted as standard; its content is potentially open to interception and depending on the mail provider and network providers used, an email may be readable on any mail servers and proxy servers used to send and to access. Documents stored in Dotpost are encrypted on a per document basis, so only the recipient can actually open or view the contents of their documents.

“Using Dotpost, only verified senders are able to send documents to users which reduces the risk of users receiving incorrect, misleading or malicious information from unverified sources. Email, on the other hand is subject to spoofing of sender identities and is a route for phishing attacks commonly used to gain access to people's accounts and sensitive information for fraudulent purposes. 

“With Dotpost, senders are verified and the message being delivered is the actual document (rather than the document being an attachment to an email message).

“Dotpost is available via the website and through both Android and iOS apps. The mobile application means users can access their documents, securely, on the move. 

“Importantly at a time of spending cuts, this method of delivering information has no set-up cost and each mailing is only 10p for up to five sides, meaning information leaflets can be sent with the covering letters. It also means that documents are stored and available for future reference reducing the incidence of requests for duplicate information.”

All organisations providing NHS and adult social care must follow the Accessible Information Standard in full by July 31, 2016.