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Scotland's GP leader criticises health reforms

The leader of Scotland’s GPs today added his voice to the growing criticism of the health reforms that are being proposed in England.


Addressing the Annual Conference of Scottish Local Medical Committees (LMCs) in Clydebank, Dr Dean Marshall, chairman of the BMA’s Scottish General Practitioners Committee, raised concerns that the changes would commercialise the NHS and increase competition between GP providers.


[quote bottom= he said] I want to send a message to our politicians in both England and Scotland. Our health service is not a factory, the health service cannot be treated like a commercial enterprise, our patients are not a commodity. We do not support the market based reforms being pushed through in England, where the consequences for patients could be severe indeed. Scotland’s GPs will support colleagues in England to preserve the founding principles of the NHS.[/quote]


In a speech that asked ‘What next for Scottish General Practice?’, Dr Marshall said that the next Scottish Government should work in partnership with GPs to develop a new strategy to drive the service forward. He added: “Without a government strategy, how can we in general practice, the cornerstone of the NHS, drive change and improvements in the quality of care for patients without any clear direction of where we are going?


“I want general practice to be all it can be. I want us all to have a clear policy direction to ensure that, when our newly elected politicians enter the parliament in May, we can work with them to deliver general practice that is capable of meeting the increasing health challenges of this country.”