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Save Money by Saving Carbon

The Health Service is facing tough budget cuts and as the CRC process begins to unfold, the NHS Sustainable Development Unit thought it appropriate to emphasise the financial savings that can be made by making the right sustainable investment decisions. 

To aid this, we have published: “Save Money by Saving Carbon”. It builds on the “NHS Carbon Reduction Strategy” and also on the “NHS England Marginal Abatement Cost Curve” and gives a new insight in how to use MAC Curves.

The Marginal Abatement Cost Curve (MAC Curve) condenses technical data into an easily understandable graph and illustrates how carbon reduction measures can provide considerable financial savings for the NHS.  Its key strengths are in making information that might seem daunting more accessible, and in combining pure financial measures of projects with sustainability principles. 

This document is targeted at the finance and energy management communities in the NHS.  Hopefully it will promote a more wide spread use of the MAC Curve in the investment decision making processes of Trusts and help you combine MAC Curves with standard analysis methods.  The document is also hosted on our website:

With your help we have an opportunity to create a more sustainable NHS which will not only promote an improved healthcare system for patients and staff but ensure the NHS is fit for the future.

We hope that you find this document useful and informative and please feel free to pass it on to any of your colleagues who will be interested in receiving it.

Kind regards

Sonia Roschnik
Operational Director NHS Sustainable Development Unit