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Nick Clegg attacks NHS mental healthcare

In an interview with the BBC, deputy prime minister Nick Clegg attacked the NHS mental healthcare sector for its poor treatment of patients.

He said it was ‘just plain wrong’ to treat the illness as the ‘poor cousin’ of physical health in the NHS, claiming there remains too much prejudice and discrimination around the issue.

A survey from the charity Time To Change claimed that more than 50% of the people asked believed that stigma and discrimination associated with mental health was as bad or worse than the illness itself.

The poll also revealed that more than a quarter waited for over a year to tell their family about their problem and almost 25% of young people said discrimination and stigma stopped them going to school.

Mr Clegg was speaking ahead of a major government conference planning to unveil the mental health strategy.

He said: "There are too many parts of the country that have suffered for too long with commissioners in the NHS not providing mental health services with the same support as other parts of the NHS."