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NHS Wiltshire in asbestos oversight

[h6]The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has awarded improvement notices to both NHS Wiltshire and NHS Swindon after they failed to comply with asbestos testing legislation.[/h6]

The oversight occurred when they neglected to undertake a required asbestos survey during the construction of Eldene Health Centre in Swindon

A test was undertaken by NHS Wiltshire, which was managing the work on behalf of NHS Swindon, back in November, but the HSE’s guidelines were subsequently amended, meaning that a second, more extensive check was required. This, however, was not conducted, though the HSE subsequently made its own inspection and found no asbestos to be present.

[quote top=An NHS Wiltshire spokesperson said:]Action has already been undertaken to comply with the new rules and we see no problems in delivering the report to the HSE. No patients or public were put at risk and no asbestos was found in the building.[/quote]

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