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NHS to invest £230m in GP IT systems

NHS England plans to spend £230m ensuring all GP practices across England have high-quality IT systems.

The investment aims to improve the quality of GP care by enhancing patients’ experience of services, supporting and encouraging greater integration of care and providing efficiency benefits for practices by reducing paperwork and freeing up more time for patient care.

It supports the aim of implementing integrated digital care records across the NHS.

“Digital systems are the foundation upon which to build a modern, efficient and responsive health service,” says Beverley Bryant, director of strategic systems and technology at NHS England.

“Enabling information to flow between care providers and between providers and patients will help achieve a safe, convenient and personalised health service for all.”

GP IT funding will be distributed to clinical commissioning groups based on patient population size, ensuring equity across all parts of England based on a core IT service offer, under the proposed arrangements.

So far, GPs have led the way in the move from paper to digital record keeping.

“GPs are often the first point of call for patients and it is vital they have computer systems fit for a 21st Century NHS,” adds secretary of state for health Jeremy Hunt.

“These improvements will help simplify services for patients and ensure we continue to provide a world class healthcare service.”