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NHS Suffolk chief exec steps down

It has been announced that Carole Taylor-Brown, who is chief executive of NHS Suffolk, will be leaving the post at the end of September following 14 years working in the NHS.

The decision was influenced by her recent ill health. Taylor-Brown conquered breast cancer in 2008, but unfortunately suffered a subsequent serious spinal infection which has left her in persistent and severe pain. As a result, her doctors recently advised her to reduce her working commitments.

Commenting on the decision, she said: "This has been a tough decision for me, but does give me the opportunity to restructure my life following the advice of my doctors, to have a better balance between my professional commitments and my personal time for rest, exercise and relaxation.

“Staff and health professionals across the NHS in Suffolk are among the most professional and hard-working that I have come across. I have great confidence in them to continue their work to do the very best for people in Suffolk in these challenging financial times.”

Chairman Alastair McWhirter added: “Carole truly has done the very best for people in Suffolk. Her drive and leadership has helped the NHS in Suffolk to make some incredible achievements.
“The board and I are very sorry to lose her yet understand her decision to leave. We wish her all the very best for the future. She has done a remarkable job here in Suffolk and we look forward to building on that over the next few years.”

Her achievements include eradicating NHS Suffolk’s £35m historic debt, quicker cancer and hospital treatment times, and providing better access to health services, including new facilities, more dentists and screening services.