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NHS Staff Survey results revealed

The latest NHS Staff Survey results have been released with 64.7% of staff claiming that they would recommend their organisation to friends and family for treatment.

These figures are up 2.1% on 2012.      

However, the survey revealed that only 41% of staff were satisfied with the extent to which they felt the trust values their work.

The figures were lower at ambulance trusts, with only 36% of staff claiming they would recommend their organisation as a place to work. CCG staff gave much better feedback.

203,000 staff took part in the survey, which showed improvements in 21 out of the 28 categories compared to 2012.

“Employers will be encouraged by these results, which come against a backdrop of a challenging year for the NHS,” says Sue Covill, director of Employment Services for the NHS Employers organization.

“Employers know that building staff engagement and pride in the organisation helps deliver high-quality, compassionate care. Staff feeling valued and being valued is absolutely vital to the effective delivery of patient care and we believe it is an important factor behind many of the positive results.

“It is telling that after all the negativity of the NHS during the past year, over 90% of staff said their role makes a difference to patients, with almost seven out of ten able to make a positive difference to service improvements.”