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NHS Lothian puts new chief in charge

Tim Davison has replaced Prof James Barbour as the NHS Lothian chief executive, after Davison had taken a "firm grasp" during his time as its acting boss, the BBS reports.

NHS Lothian's practices were criticised in an independent review.

The investigation, ordered by Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon, said the healthauthority had an "inappropriate management culture" which originated from the top level.

Its report found bullying was "common" at certain levels within the organisation.

Concerns were raised last year about NHS Lothian's manipulation of waiting times in order to meet targets, after it emerged in October that patients were referred to Northumberland for treatment.

When they declined to go, they were marked as "unavailable for social reasons", and not included among patients on a list which had the target time of 18 weeks for treatment.