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NHS Hull in landmark move

In what is regarded by many within the industry as being a landmark move, NHS Hull has become the first trust in England to transfer its entire provider arm over to a community interest company.

The trust’s provider services arm has been operating at arms-length from the commissioning organisation for the last 18 months, but as of the 1st of this month services such as health visiting and district nursing have been officially delivered by a community interest company known as the City Health Care Partnership CIC (CHCP).

This radical change has been made in an effort to allow the trust to focus solely on its commissioning role, and to enable front-line health workers to focus more on patient care and service development. As a result, around 1,200 staff have formally transfer to CHCP under protected terms and conditions and, as a community interest company, the new organisation says it will reinvest any surpluses it makes into staff and service development and the wider community.

“The process of separating our commissioning and provider services hasn’t always been easy and we thank all our staff for their patience and understanding during this time,” commented NHS Hull’s chief executive, Christopher Long. “As far as patients and the public are concerned, they will see no immediate difference in the continuity or quality of care they receive once the separation takes place.

[quote bottom=Christopher Long, Chief Executive - NHS Hull ]“Over time, the new company will be looking to further improve services, but these services will still be delivered to residents by the faces they already know and trust.

The move will enable NHS Hull, as the commissioning organisation, to henceforth focus our efforts entirely on commissioning services which offer best value for money and which meet the needs of local people.”[/quote]

Andrew Burnell, managing director of the new City Health Care Partnership, added: “These are very exciting times and we believe this marks a positive step forward both for primary healthcare services in Hull and the people who use them.
“We are keen to develop our existing working relationships with local statutory, community and voluntary agencies, and to work more closely with local communities to further improve the health and well-being of local people.”