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NHS ‘golden handshakes’ up 35% - report

A report by Audit Scotland shows that 475 doctors, nurses, managers and administrators were handed exit packages worth a total of £20.8m in 2011/12, according to a report from The Telegraph.

The total represents a 35% increase from the previous year, with each person receiving about £43,789 of taxpayers’ money for leaving the NHS.

Although the report did not disclose how many people received six-figure payoffs, around 133 people, 28% of the total, were handed at least £50,000 each, the daily notes.

Health boards will cut 802 more posts this year, as part of a programme started in 2009 and has already seen staff numbers cut by 4,651. This has resulted in saving of£319m, but boards must find a further £272m to cuts in 2012/13.

Scottish Tory health spokesman Jackson Carlaw told The Telegraph: “People will find it hard to understand why millions upon millions have been spent in this way.

“What this shows is that the SNP’s promise of making cuts without front line services being affected is becoming less believable by the day.”