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MRSA rates hit all time low

Official statistics show that levels of patients infected with the bacterium are at their lowest since records began, with just 97 cases in the NHS in June according to The Health Protection Agency, the first sub 100 monthly figure recorded.


MRSA infection levels were at their peak in 2003-4, with quarterly figures showing around 2000 cases, a figure that has fallen dramatically by 80% to around 300.


The system of monthly monitoring was brought in over the past few years in order to provide better information on progress. The figures over the last 12 months show levels hovering around 100-120 reported cases, however in June this fell to below 100.


Confidence in the Health Service was waning at one stage, and these new figures mark a significant turning point in the battle against the superbug.


25 Hospital trusts have now been MRSA-free for 12 months.