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More Trusts are failing to meet financial targets

Auditors have referred 19 NHS Trusts to the Health Secretary in the last year for failing to meet their statutory break-even duty, compared with five in 2012-13.

The Audit Commission reviewed the financial health of 101 NHS Trusts running hospital, ambulance and community services (it doesn’t review Foundation Trusts). In the report - Auditing the Accounts 2013/14 NHS bodies - auditors said they were increasingly reporting the failure of NHS Trusts to achieve their cost improvement targets or to fully identify schemes to achieve future savings.

Most NHS bodies have proper arrangements for securing value for money, concluded the report, but auditors at 34 trusts (34%) issued a non-standard value for money conclusion relating to concerns about financial resilience. Last year, this figure was 26%.

A Department of Health spokesman said the Government recognised there were challenges, which was why the budget had been protected this Parliament.