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More NHS staff, less productivity

Despite the NHS employing thousands of extra staff funded by SNP ministers, there has only been a marginal increase in the number of procedures and operations being conducted, an official inquiry has concluded.


Holyrood’s health and sport committee could not fathom how such an increase in staff had no affect on productivity. The report concluded that the “substantial unaddressed inefficiencies” meant that savings could be made without jeopardising patient care.

These findings led the committee to question:
"Why were these staff needed in the first place if they can be dispensed with painlessly?"

Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish health minister, who previously boasted there are 10,000 more NHS staff now than when the SNP came to power in 2007, has announced plans to cull nearly 4,000 posts.

This announcement came after little evidence could be found to justify the workers being employed in the first place.

It was indicated in last week’s budget that Holyrood’s spending will be cut by £5bn over the next four years.

[quote top=Murdo Fraser, Scottish Tory health spokesman, said:]It is astonishing that NHS Boards admit that they have been recruiting for jobs with no productive value. This demonstrates all that has gone wrong with the public sector over the last decade.[/quote]