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Lords advised to scrap NHS reforms

Experts in the field, including directors of public health, advise that the government’s health and social care bill will cause ‘irreparable harm’ reports The Telegraph.

Around 400 public health experts and senior doctors are calling on The Lord’s to reject the health and social care bill. They warn that it will do “irreparable harm to the NHS, to individual patients and to society as a whole”.

The specialists claim that the proposals will put the safety of patients at risk and waste money. There are also concerns that they will damage trust in the medical profession.

The bill, if passed, would open up more services to private companies – a scenario which they believe will reduce the authorities’ ability to deal with health emergencies and to fight disease.

[quote top=The letter includes]
It is our professional judgment that the Health and Social Care Bill will erode the NHS’s ethical and co-operative foundations and that it will not deliver efficiency, quality, fairness or choice.

We therefore request that you reject passage of the Health and Social Care Bill.[/quote]

A Department of Health spokesman said: "We are very disappointed that these individuals, who pride themselves in the use of evidence, should have fallen back into such generalised assertions for which there is not one shred of evidence.

"The reforms to public health arrangements are a once in a lifetime opportunity to put public health at the heart of local health plans.

"NHS staff and the general public are looking to senior leaders in public health to lead the implementation of the changes to secure better health results for all, not to rubbish them."