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London parks and squares to be smoke-free

Plans to make parks in London, as well as Trafalgar Square and Parliament Square smoke free have been put forward.

The plans were made within the ‘radical’ Better Health for London report, which was carried out by surgeon and former health minister Lord Darzi, forming part of a new initiative aiming to make London the healthiest major global city within the next 10 years.

The study proposes a range of measures to combat alcohol, tobacco, obesity, lack of exercise and pollution.

“It would be a powerful message for the iconic centre of our city and the political heart of our country to become smoke free,” says Lord Darzi.

“What better way to show our city’s ambition to be the healthiest major global city?”

Better Health for London was produced by an independent inquiry established in September 2013 by the Mayor of London, the London Health Commission.

However, both Boris Johnson and Downing Street have distanced themselves from the anti-smoking recommendations.