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‘Know Your Energy’ campaign launched to help cut costs and carbon emissions

digitalenergy has launched a major new campaign to help organisations cut costs and carbon emissions by taking total control of the power they use.

The ‘Know Your Energy’ campaign promotes greater awareness about energy waste hotspots across the premises and what can be done to tackle them.

Energy management software provider digitalenergy works with clients nationally to reduce their energy costs and consumption by collating, analysing and interpreting energy use before presenting this information on cloud-based web pages.

With this real-time data at their fingertips, organisations can subsequently manage their energy usage to save money and ensure compliance with carbon reduction legislation.
Richard Hipkiss, Managing Director of digitalenergy, says: “The Know

Your Energy campaign is all about knowing where energy is being used – and wasted – across your entire organisation.

“When it comes to managing energy consumption, knowledge really is of fundamental importance.

“We’ve shown time and again with our clients that it is possible to cut energy costs but first you have to understand where, and how, it’s being used.

“It’s only when you’re armed with this knowledge that you can begin the analysis of where the most intense energy consuming locations are within your organisation.

"You can then audit that usage and identify the areas where energy savings can be made.”

digitalenergy’s software monitors energy use by capturing data from both main and sub-metering systems before it’s translated into understandable graphics with any avoidable energy waste being highlighted.

This targeted approach has enabled both public and private sector clients to slash energy wastage across their organisation.

Hipkiss continues: “As part of this campaign we’re actively engaging with companies that have much to gain by focusing on their energy use – which is invariably a major overhead for any business.

“Now is the time to act - energy efficiency pays for itself by ultimately cutting carbon emissions, boosting profitability and simultaneously ensuring legislative compliance.”