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Hospital linen electronically tagged

Hospital linen is being electronically tagged to stop up to £400,000 worth going missing every year in Wales.

Aneurin Bevan University Health Board's laundry service processes 12 million pieces of linen for NHS trusts in Wales and England each year. However, it also spends £390,000 a year replacing unreturned items.

300,000 pieces of linen has now been fitted with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags.

The RFID tags will allow scanners to count the pieces being dispatched and received by the laundry and also detect linen in waste bags or cupboards.

Alan Dudley, facilities manager with Aneurin Bevan said: “It will help detect inappropriate disposal, or to quickly and accurately assess the stock available.
"In an effort to reduce these losses, all bed linen, patient gowns and theatre wear is now being tagged to enable it be traced accurately to and from hospitals.

"Where losses continue then health boards will be charged for replacing the linen, providing an incentive to take effective action to reduce the cost to NHS Wales of lost linen.”