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Hopkins: get fit or get out

British reality television contestant, businesswoman and journalist Katie Hopkins says those who overindulge in eating, drinking and smoking should cough up more to balance the extra NHS care they will need.

Hopkins, in an article published by the BBC, says that people are treating the NSH like a theme park, where they pay at the door and then “the ability to have as much as you want whenever you want it, or to go on as many rides as you can whenever you like, is all that matters. Somehow, everything in this new land of plenty is free. The NHS is rather like this.”

She points out that the NHS is spending billions of pounds on treating obesity alone this year the “overcrowded NHS” continues to indulge our stupidity.

“If you don't care about your body or your health, then as a taxpayer funding the NHS, nor do I,” she says, suggesting that the solution is to recalibrate the whole system and link the consequences of our actions back to the choices we take.

“Stop the government providing a free pass to medical care - and make people pay for their poor choices.”