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Homeless fraud receives hospital ASBO

A homeless man who cost the NHS tens of thousands of pounds by faking a string of illnesses has been threatened with five years in prison. Christopher Dearlove received an ASBO after using over 70 aliases to gain access to hospitals.


The 41-year-old is thought to have targeted a series of hospitals over the last 15 years, repeatedly reporting symptoms that would lead to him being classed as highly infectious and allocated his own room. Each false visit is thought to have caused an NHS trust between £400 and £1,000.

Suspicions were raised when he was repeatedly found to be faking, leading to the prosecution in Bolton crown court. Dearlove now faces a five year sentence if he enters a hospital unless he is genuinely unwell.

Richard Hampton of the NHS and Counter Fraud and Security Management Service, who eventually apprehended him using CCTV footage, said: "The criminal Asbo is to prevent further unnecessary financial losses, and risks to the NHS and its patients."