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Equal pay success

Hundreds of low-paid female council workers, including carers, cooks and cleaners, are in line for compensation payments totalling millions of pounds after an equal-pay case, a leading union has said.


Unison said a claim for equal pay on behalf of 900 women at Bury Council had been upheld by the Employment Appeal Tribunal and estimated that some workers were now set to receive the equivalent of up to four years back pay.


The union said the decision confirmed that more than 900 mainly low paid women, such as carers, catering assistants, cooks, cleaners, domestic assistants, school crossing patrol attendants and home carers, are entitled to compensation for the years they were paid less than male council workers doing comparable jobs.


[quote top=Steve Stott of Unison said:] We are satisfied this judgement now paves the way for the council to pay all those affected staff the money they are legally entitled to. We will now be pushing the council to apply for capitalisation funds, which will allow them to spread the cost of the equal pay settlements over a longer period. Better managed councils resolved most of their past equal pay problems long before the present crisis.[/quote]


Most of the claims were lodged in 2007, but Unison claimed the council knew from 1997 that bonus payments could be discriminatory.