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Electronic records system is “unworkable”.

MPs are urging Ministers to put a stop to the central part of the NHS IT programme, after a report from the Public Accounts Committee showed that issues with the electronic records system are rendering the £7bn project “unworkable”.

Launched in 2002, the scheme was introduced in order to change the way technology is used within the health service.

The aim of E-records, a part of the overall £11.4bn IT programme, was to reduce the use of paper files and create an integrated care records system across the NHS, however a number of delays has stymied progress.

Chair of the committee, Margaret Hodge said: "The Department of Health is not going to achieve its original aim of a fully integrated care records system across the NHS. Trying to create a one-size-fits-all system in the NHS was a massive risk and has proven to be unworkable.
"The department has been unable to demonstrate what benefits have been delivered from the £2.7bn spent on the project so far.
"It should now urgently review whether it is worth continuing with the remaining elements of the care records system. The £4.3bn which the department expects to spend might be better used to buy systems that are proven to work, that are good value for money and which deliver demonstrable benefits to the NHS."