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Diagnostic waits treble in Wales

It has been announced that the number of patients waiting longer than they should for diagnostic services such as MRI scans and ultrasounds has trebled in Wales in the last two-years.

The figures also showed that patients in Wales face a significantly longer wait than those in England for similar tests.

According to the ‘operational standards’, patients referred for diagnostic services such as a CT scan or an endoscopy should be seen within eight weeks. However, according to the figures, more than 23,500 were left waiting longer.

Statistics also showed that 32% of patients in Wales waited longer than eight weeks for an ultrasound scan compared with 0.1% in England whose figures were released Tuesday.

Cathy O'Sullivan, acting director of the board of Community Health Councils in Wales, said: "The system is not working in the best interest of patients.

"It needs a very fundamental shake around how patients are treated in the 21st Century."