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Civil unrest could impact Health Services

The current situation on the streets of Britain could have an impact on our Health Services if they are forced to shut their doors early due to the threat of violence.

Londonwide LMCs and NHS London have issued guidance to practices in the city, with the LMC web portal stating: “The current civil unrest has the potential to impact upon all health services, in primary and community care and in hospital. The greatest impact is likely to be within the community, and a number of practices, pharmacists and community services have sought advice on actions that they should take with possible restriction or closure of services.”


The main priority is of course the safety of staff and patients and the guidance states that any decision to close or restrict services must be taken at a local level, based on individual risk assessments.


The public will be informed on closures and alternative services by NHS Direct, and NHS London will inform NHS Direct of any closures.


A&E departments have been advised to maintain business as usual as much as possible, but to follow the full guidance procedures where necessary.


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