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Biomass boilers for greener hospitals

One of the UK’s largest independent suppliers and installers of renewable energy products has unveiled a new wood pellet-condensing (biomass) boiler.

Evergreen Energy Solutions managing director James Woollard explains: “Our new biomass boilers are the perfect solution to the cold snap. They are highly efficient, reliable, and because you’re heating with wood, they give you complete independence from energy suppliers. So when everybody’s sat at home or in the office, waiting for their energy supplier to turn-up and fix their boilers, ours will be working away thanks to the high quality build and easy to use controls.”

Advanced controls ensure that the system regulates theamount of fuel (wood pellets) being delivered to the burner to match the heat demand.

Woollard says: “All our biomass boilers are also installed with fully automatic cleaning systems, which helps massively reduce any breakdowns, and also reduces maintenance under normal running conditions, to only once per year.”