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Be an NHS Ambassador

Have you got one hour per year to spare to inspire the next generation of the NHS workforce?


The extent to which Estates & Facilities professions within the NHS are facing a workforce crisis in the near future has been highlighted recently with the statistics released by NHS England and NHS Improvement at HEFMA’s 2019 National Forum on May 10. (See our article ‘HEFMA joins the EFM Workforce Strategy board’)


Staff recruitment, retention and succession planning are significant challenges faced by Trusts across the country. Communicating the careers that are available in NHS Estates & Facilities to young people in our schools and colleges is essential to enable them to choose to join the NHS. 


Working with Health Education England, Inspiring the Future has a scheme called NHS Ambassadors, which is already up and running, whereby NHS professionals go into schools in their local area to talk about the breadth of interesting roles available, encouraging school children of all ages to consider a career in the NHS. Ambassadors have to be prepared to give just one hour of their time in a 12-month period. 


At the moment, Inspiring the Future has 2,800 NHS Ambassadors registered as volunteers. However, a keyword search on job titles would suggest that only 15 of those are from Estates & Facilities professions. 


For more information and to register as an NHS Ambassador, click here.