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All NHS staff to receive dementia training

All NHS staff will be able to receive specialist dementia training by 2018, a new government mandate has revealed.

The government has called on Health Education England (HEE) to roll out the programme so that within four years, every NHS staff member is dementia trained. This follows the success of delivering Tier 1 dementia training to more than 100,000 NHS staff.

“The priority is to train and retain a healthcare workforce equipped with the skills to deliver much more proactive care and support for patients in the community, and with the right skills to support people with long-term medical conditions to live with dignity in their own homes,” says Health minister Dr Dan Poulter.

Ian Cumming, chief executive of HEE, adds: “We understand that it is crucial staff have the right skills but also the right values to work in the NHS, which is why our Values Based Recruitment project is a core part of our work.

“We are currently developing an online framework to enable organisations to access evidence on values based recruitment. HEE is also ensuring that all NHS funded training posts will incorporate a values test by March 2015.”