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All NHS eyes on Hunt

Andrew Lansley has been elbowed out of the cabinet to be replaced by Jeremy Hunt.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, especially after health workers' union Unite marked the announcement by going on record to say that Lansley “must rank as one of the worst Health Ministers since the NHS was formed in 1948”.

Lansley is not ‘persona non grata’, as the PM has given him a role that – among other things – will occasionally allow him to talk about health.

However, what is more important is that Hunt has a huge task ahead of him and will need to find new income streams and radical new ways of delivering care. Perhaps this minister, who has voiced support for using the country’s broadband infrastructure for services such as telemedicine, will be able to make good on his vision.

More important is what policy changes and revisions this minister will enact, orturn down, that will have broad and lasting effects on NHS Trusts and the people working for them.

As the Independent so succinctly put it : “No pressure, but 1.5m NHS employees are now watching Hunt very carefully.”