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A shake-up to ensure patient safety?

Hospital services could face a major shake-up after experts have deemed certain changes essential to patient safety.


The overhaul could include the closure of some units and The Kings Fund have said that services such as A&E, maternity, neonatal and specialist heart and stroke care should be run from fewer sites.


The Kings Fund have warned that the NHS reforms could make it far more tricky to get things right and without such steps, patients could be put at risk.


[quote top=When speaking with the BBC, a Department of Health spokesman said] We urgently need to modernise the NHS - that is why our plans include many measures to make services more responsive to patients and to consistently drive up quality.[/quote]


The think tank’s conclusions arrived after they analysed the handling of an overhaul of hospital services in south-east London.


Chris Ham, chief executive of The King’s Fund, said: “Our worry is that GPs will be really good at some things - in terms of improving patient care, bringing services back into the surgery closer to home.


“But the more complex issues they are being asked to take on, like improving the quality of hospital care... it’s not something GPs, in the past, when they’ve been given this kind of responsibility, have shown much appetite to undertake or indeed much expertise.”