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£70m funding to help hospital leavers

Health secretary Andrew Lansley has released £70m in funds to help patients back into their homes following a spell in hospital. He said that the intention was for the money to aid “around 35,000 people” through funding re-ablement packages. These give people who are leaving hospital after illness or injury help and support for six weeks with regards to settling back into their homes.


[quote top=Lansley said:]Too many patients don’t get the seamless, effective service they should when they leave hospital. They leave an environment in which they have been cared for around the clock to go home, sometimes alone, with no help.


Too often they end up back in hospital because they haven’t had help readjusting to life at home. In fact we’ve seen a 50% increase in the number of emergency readmissions in the 10 years from 1998. We need to do more to prevent this from happening.


From next April, the NHS will have new responsibilities for people’s care needs for 30 days after they leave hospital. This new funding will mean people will benefit right now and around 35,000 will start to get the help and support they need.[/quote]

The extra funding will be allocated to Primary Care Trusts to be spent this financial year across the health and social care system in order to proivde aid until the new scheme begins in April.