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2010 Inpatient Survey included after overall patient experience measure update

After the latest National Statistics on the Overall Patient Experience measure were released on 26th May 2011, a full statistical release has now been made available.

Produced by the Department of Health and the Care Quality Commission, the publication informs on results from the 2010 Adult Inpatient survey, which surveyed patients in NHS hospitals in summer of 2010.

NHS patients gave responses in the wide-ranging National Patient Survey Programme. The statistics use those responses to calculate an overall set of scores to measure patient views on the care they receive. These will then include totals for five headline 'domains' of patient experience. As the figures are computed the same way for every update, it is possible to compare results over time.

According to the Department of Health, the update has added scores concluded from the 2010 survey of adult inpatients, for which a separate summary of results was published by the Care Quality Commission on 21st April 2011.
You can expect the next update in February 2012. These will include results from the 2010 survey of outpatient services.

Key findings

  • Overall Patient experience of NHS adult inpatient services showed no change in 2010. The overall score was 75.7, compared to 75.6 in 2009.
  • There was a small decline in experience of ‘access and waiting’ (down from 85.0 to 84.2)
  • Patient experience of ‘clean, comfortable, friendly place to be’ showed a slight increase (from 79.1 to 79.3)
  • Patient experience of ‘Better information, more choice’ increased slightly (from 66.8 to 67.2)